Monday, May 23, 2011

haha itu semalam

oke semalam aku ada lah mcm menyesal remove ***** and like say some thing to her in a good way i guess

oke i'am not a perfect friend to you and you are to .. ~_~

i miss my old friend sumpah aku madah walau pun daknya sik pernah perdulikan aku mcm kau tapi dak nya perfect  4 me

say hello to  'Kimmy Imran

maybe i can alway's see them but i know my friendship with him is the most perfect thing i ever had in my life !!
see 29.5.2011 i'am going to KL bukan mok madah hye i'am going to KL unlike you guy's .. NO !!

if not because off that friend kimmy don't even wish i wanna go there ..

u are maybe 100% better then kimmy imran , but 4 me the 100% less is the best 4 me .. ~_~ ohh u guy's don't even know how the hell happy i'am

so that's all bye-bye <3

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