Saturday, May 21, 2011


cody all day :You're like my favourite song
On the radio, radio, radio, radio
I could listen to you all day
You're like a music video, video vi-vi-video
I could look at you all day
You make do my two-step all day
You keep me lookin' proud for you all day
So you should be my girlfriend all day
Well, like a hit on my radio, radio 

hahaha hye tak tahu lah kenape saya selalu saja buat ini and itu and saya rasa macam ini salah itu salah 

but i wanna say sorry to *a**a sorry 

u have him better than me  and nya kan grk kau so tak perlu lah aku nak sebok kacau kan :) 

i remove you and your " boy friend " not because i don't wan him to see my post but i'am done saying this and that .. 

nanti terasa sikit .. bitch bulshit and other words i use is memang i dah guna as biasa saja .... 

that's all 

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